Mickey "Monster" Cook

Award WINNING piercer & artist, Mickey has been tattooing for 10 years. He specializes in American and Neo Traditional tattoos. But loves anything with bold lines and solid colors. Also proficient in freehand Polynesian and he can incorporate almost anything into a design. Co Owner of one of the most popular up and coming street shops in small town Iowa that can still produce Big city custom work. Click his picture to check out his work.

Nadine Ogle

Nadine is 23 years old and has been tattooing since July 2017. She grew up in a small town called Lima, OH. Most of what she knows is from the support of all of her friends and other artists. Nadine loves collaborating with other artists and clients, and truly believes the key to growing as an artist is working with your friends, clients, and other artists. She likes to tattoo a mixture of neotraditional and newschool. Click her picture to check out her work!

Mario Valdez

Mario was born and raised in the LA area and ended up settling down in the Central Valley. Art has always been a passion for him. After working a 9-5 for years, Mario got inspired by Bob Tyrell to pursue a career in tattooing. Since then he established himself in Tulare, CA at La Raza Tattoo. Specializing in fine line black and gray, cover ups and script. Click his picture to check out his work.

Eddie Saraphanh

Eddie is the proud owner and artist at 360 Tattoo in Longview WA. He has a wide range of style but his heart is with black and gray photo realism. He has been professionally tattooing for 11 years. Eddie is still just in love with this profession, as he was when he was a teenager. Eddie can tackle anything the clients give him. Click his photo to check out his work.

Dennis Thomas

Dennis is the owner of DNA Tattoo in Portsmouth Virginia, He has been tattooing since 2001. His style blends traditional and illustrative, but he can tattoo in many different styles. Dennis always tries to give people what they want. Click his picture to check out his work.

David Jennings

David owns Visualize Tattoo located in Tacoma Wa; he has been tattooing for 13 years and is mostly known as being a black and grey photorealistic artist, but he has an equal passion for illustrated color tattoos. David grew up poor and gang related, tattooing opened a door he never knew existed. When not tattooing, David spends his free time giving back to the community and doing seminars about the power of positivity and how to build a successful life. Click his photo to check out his work.

Daniel Naritsin

Daniel mainly does solid neotraditional tattoos with bold lines and bright colors. He also enjoys tattooing any type of high contrast blackwork. Click his picture to check out his work.

Dooner Sadauskas

Dooner started tattooing in Daytona Beach, FL, but later moved back to his hometown just outside of Pittsburgh, PA where he has been tattooing ever since. He has been tattooing for 13 years and has owned a successful tattoo shop of his own for the past 10 years, called Up In Arms Tattoo. He is definitely well-known for his work with realistic black and gray portraits, but can do any style you throw at him. Recently, Dooner has taken a huge interest for single needle, fine line tattoos. Click his picture to check out his work.

Kuriel Tattoo

Kuriel is from Yuma, Arizona and has been tattooing for six years. He prefers black and grey realism style like chicano tattoos, beautiful chicks tattoos, roses and skulls. He is working hard to perfect it. Kuriel also enjoys to work on anime tattoos like Dragonball Z and Naruto. Click his picture to check out his work.

Garrett Card

Garrett is a neo traditional tattoo artist from Los Angeles tattooing out of Utah. Click his picture to check out his work.

Mike P8

Mike has been tattooing professionally since 2014. He is a versatile artist who mainly sticks to color. Mike started with freehand new school and freehand bio-mechanical, but Mike has moved around into doing as many different styles as he can just to keep me sharp and constantly learning. Click his picture to check out his work.


Chop is a 20+ year tattooer and 82nd Airborne ARMY veteran. He has owned his own street shop, Chop Shop Tattoos, since 2002. Chop is a seasoned convention artist and has numerous awards to show for it. He prefers large scale Japanese and color bombs but tattooing in a military town for 20 years, he is well versed in all styles of tattooing. He is also an official USAA Marked For Life artist and his shop is a host shop for the All American Tattoo Convention. In his free time he is a family man, North Carolina Mason and Sudan Shriner. Click his picture to check out his work.

Victoria Lea

Victoria has been tattooing for 4 years now and loves learning as much as she can about new techniques and styles. Her preference in style is black and grey realism. She is a versatile artist and can do a wide variety of styles. Click her picture to check out her work.

Cosimo Liberto

Cosimo has been tattooing for 13 years or so, but long before that he was painting and drawing. His paint style is mostly realism, while Cosimo’s tattoos are heavy in the traditional style. He has been all over the country with it, won a few awards, and continues to challenge his style to get better. The learning never stops! Click his picture to check out his work.

Brandon A. Taylor

Brandon is a well rounded artist and piercer from the Detroit Metro area, that tattoos a mixture of neo-traditional, cartoon/anime, as well as black and grey but he can handle anything that comes at him. Click his picture to check out his work.

Liz Pavlicek

Liz tattoos at Psychward Tattoos in Minot, North Dakota. She has been tattooing since 2017. While she enjoys the challenge of tattooing many different styles, her favorite would be microrealism. Liz also loves doing anything anime related. Click her picture to check out her work.

Joel Macias

Joel has been tattooing for 6 years. He is a well known artist for black and grey, geometric as well as traditional. Although these are some of his specialties he is multitalented in all styles. Located in Hope Mills, NC. Click his picture to check out his work.

Tony Johnson

Tony currently lives in Huntsville, AL. He is 24 years old, and has been tattooing for over 4 years. He has always had a passion for art, and fortunately, the Good Lord opened the door for him to take this path, and Tony feels he has been more than blessed. He appreciates all mediums of art, and all styles of tattooing. Tony feels comfortable with just about any style, but he prefers color realism. He also enjoys mixing styles, and making things a little out of the ordinary. Click his picture to check out his work.

Mark Russo

Mark has been tattooing since 2008, and although he is a multifaceted tattoo artist he prefers new school and realism to most other styles. After spending some time in the military he decided to pursue his artistic talents, and found his calling in tatooing. He says that he finds the work to be gratifying and rewarding especially when seeing larger pieces develope. Mark is located in Fayetteville North Carolina at Chop Shop Tattoos. Click his picture to check out his work.