Liner Cartridge Needles

Liner Cartridge Needles

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Blackjack lining needles

We carry standard .35 long taper blackjack needles. Made of the highest quality 304 medical grade stainless-steel. Blackjack lining needles run a flawless consistent line. Artists looking for fine details, tightening up areas, and adding texture would use this grouping to assist themselves in perfecting their piece. This is the pen of tattooing, the hardest hitting grouping available. 

• Precise assembly positioning to secure needle force down the tip.

• High quality PC plastic shell material ensures tips will not break down with needle friction. 

• Specific membrane tension allows for maximum ink flow while avoiding overworking your machine. 

• Needle stabilizer for precise application.

• Individual sterile blister pack.

• Compatible with all standard cartridge system grips and machines.

• Every cartridge is inspected and manufactured with careful attention to quality.

• 20 Cartridges per Box

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